Ready, Set, Launch! Conversely a Timely Conversations Game


Have you ever had a conversation that turned into an argument when you were just trying to get more information on another person’s viewpoint? Do you want to practice having challenging conversations in a fun and safe environment? Then you need to play Conversely, a Timely Conversations Game.


Conversely means to introduce a statement or idea that is the reverse of one that was just made. In current times, that opposing or different viewpoint is the one we often fail to hear. Conversely is created by a multi-generational creative team. We noticed that people of all ages and backgrounds are having a hard time considering different viewpoints. by playing Conversely, participants practice a variety of communication skills such as active listening, conflict resolution, and collaboration while increasing their knowledge of timely topics. Conversely is for anyone who wants to learn how to engage with others in a positive way, even when the topic is new or challenging. It’s really fun!

We're launching Conversely with the Romantic Relationships edition. The game consists of a deck of 100 Question Cards and 30 Action cards (Escape and Mix It Up) to give players options for passing on a question, getting help with questions or adding a little more challenge to the game. Some cards are marked Conversely and challenge the player to respond with the opposite viewpoint. Players receive additional points when they answer questions with a Mix It Up card. Question responses are timed no more than 3 minutes. Players select a facilitator to keep the game on track and friendly. Conversely is fully customizable to the preferences of the players. It can be played in a series of rounds or as a timed game.

Buy a first edition Romantic Relationships Conversely Game today!

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